Empresas de reparto a domicilio que están creando sus propias cocinas fantasma

Home delivery firms that are creating ghost kitchens Some home delivery companies are creating their ghost kitchens. Restaurant chains are also joining this trend. The boom of delivery applications, spurred on since the start of the pandemic, has encouraged the

Cómo mejorar la experiencia de tus clientes con cocinas fantasma: el caso de Chick Fil A

The pandemic has seen soaring orders for home food delivery. Before, we just ordered the typical pizzas when we wanted to enjoy a match or a movie in the company of family or friends. However, the need to protect ourselves

La entrada de la restauración en las cocinas virtuales

The entry of the restaurant trade in dark kitchens The most popular restaurants are venturing into the world of ghost kitchen, which is helping them to cut running costs and gain profitability. Ghost kitchens have been witnessing a surge growth

Las mayores cocinas fantasma de Europa

Although the European market is not yet as mature as the American market when it comes to the rise of dark kitchens, there are companies that are setting the pace and consolidating in the market. The potential of dark kitchens

Las mayores cocinas fantasma en Estados Unidos

The biggest ghost kitchens in the United States Leading ghost kitchens in the United States. The best multi-brand firms that operate with different dark kitchens to offer a unique and effective service. Ghost Kitchens in the United States have been

4 consejos de expertos para ahorrar tiempo, dinero y estrés en tu cocina fantasma

Tips for ghost kitchens: save time, money and stress. How to improve the management of your ghost kitchen to save money, time and reduce your stress. Make your customer service and your management more effective. Ghost kitchens have been gaining

Las ventajas de usar productos de proximidad en tu cocina fantasma

Advantages of using locally sourced products in your ghost kitchen Why you should use locally sourced products in your ghost kitchen. Benefits of buying ingredients from local producers for your virtual kitchen. Enhancing competitiveness is an essential aspect of ghost

¿Cómo optimizar costes en tu cocina fantasma?

Ghost restaurants have proven to be a business opportunity for companies in the restaurant and catering trade. The rise of delivery platforms offers the opportunity to create digital kitchens and supply a market that is increasingly used to shopping online.

Dark kitchen expansion into hotels and shopping malls

Much has been said about ghost kitchens and restaurant trends in the last year. Which have evolved and taken new mechanics for the sale and distribution of food beyond the premises open to the public. The ghost kitchen during this

Ghost kitchens: key to restaurant recovery

Ghost kitchens have become a very interesting alternative to support the gastronomic sector. In many cases by the hand of culinary artists and celebrities. Ghost kitchens: the transformation assisting the food industry Recently, it became known that Guy Fieri, the

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