Las cocinas fantasma have become a very interesting alternative to support the gastronomic sector. In many cases by the hand of culinary artists and celebrities.

Ghost kitchens: the transformation assisting the food industry

Recently, it became known that Guy Fieri, the famous chef, was about to open a fast-food establishment, which he baptized with the name «Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen»; something like Guy Fieri’s Cooking with Village Flavors. The virtual store only makes food deliveries at home, so it does not have physical franchises.

It may seem like an unorthodox way to open a store, but it is an interesting way to avoid the crowds of people in the premises, when we are in the middle of a pandemic.

An initiative that not only chefs and cooks thank for continuing to work and offering their dishes; but also, for diners, who are always looking for alternatives that are cost effective for them.

Other personalities have launched themselves to support this proposal, opening their ghost kitchens; hand in hand with the Virtual Dinning Concepts virtual restaurant program.

Mariah’s Cookies (from the singer, Mariah Carey), Mario’s Tortas Lopez (from the host and ex-author of Saved by the bell, Mario Lopez); TYGA BYTES (by rapper Tyga) or Pauly D’s Italian Subs (by Dj Pauly D); are some of the artists, that have joined this new endeavour.

A fun and innovative technique to serve the public in the hands of ghost kitchens

A ghost kitchen represents a feasible and productive way of founding gastronomic venues; since it promoted the appearance of a novel list of specialists in the sector, held Ruus Rosenband, co-founder of City Dumpling; online business dedicated to the commercialization of meatballs, whose main headquarters are located in New York.

Rosenband at present works as a tactical consultant for the virtual kitchen business Zuul; as well as investor of the digital supply portal for ghost kitchens, G. Ramen.

Artists find themselves in the virtual restaurant business; an environment where they can interact with their audience in a joyful and novel method, Rosenband would comment. However, the question remains as to whether operating personnel can make real gains; as can the artists, who make a profit, from the sales made.

Ghost Kitchens: Reviving the Food Business in Today’s Situation

Before the arrival of COVID, the culinary industry welcomed the idea of ​​ghost kitchens.

With the first restaurant and fast-food franchise closures across the United States; We have been able to appreciate how quickly this new business scheme has been adopted; from the growing demand from customers to take home food from their favorite restaurants, said Atul Sood, director of sales for Kitchen United.

The reduction of personnel, not only reports higher profits for the food-delivery-only business model; it is also much easier to manage and organize. In addition, the corporate environment that restaurants place in their kitchens greatly reduces this factor.

Our settings have Kitchen United staff affiliates that are dedicated to performing maintenance work; food delivery and other areas so that bistro workers can concentrate on preparing the food, Sood alleged.

The entertainers: the main promoters of the ghost kitchen model

In past, we have seen personalities start ventures of all kinds. Inclusive, also food places. However, with the business of entertainment and sporting events paralyzed by the COVID−19 pandemic; some of them have had a lot more time to focus on this new facet of ghost kitchens.

In pandemic times people are less interested in buying shoes, clothes, going to a concert; but something that is fundamental is food. It is worrying what the food sector has suffered; But with this ghost kitchen initiative, they will be able to resurface and stay, said Kathy Hold, head of sales for JPG Resources.

Apart from contributing to the gastronomic sector, las cocinas fantasma are similarly a valuable contribution to the real estate sector; filling unoccupied commercial premises and providing a solution to goods that are in financial distress due to the pandemic.

We are currently forming a company with Westfield Valley Fair Mall; in order to offer them our commercial and technology proposition of requests to the retail environment, Sood said.

Westfield Valley Fair food venues will be able to use the methods and techniques we use at Kitchen United; to expedite the requests for the shipment and transfer of food to the polls.

In this way, they can be collected and delivered, from the first floor of the building, describes Sood; mentioning the big possibility of helping the gastronomic establishments that are in the shopping centers.

Support from ghost kitchens could be beneficial for sales

Las cocinas fantasma are playing a fundamental role, contributing to the recovery of restaurants; especially during the food delivery process.

Las cocinas fantasma are becoming a key factor in new growth for both established players and new business given its attractive return on investment and ease to create a brand from scratch.

According to Restaurant Business magazine, in its June 2020 issue; They predict that sales could increase by 25 percent a year, for the following five years.

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