Tendencias tecnológicas en la restauración

It’s not easy to decide in which technologies or improvements to invest when you’re managing a bar or restaurant. This is why at Bistrohub we would advise that above all, you should take a look at the following solutions, which

Tendencias pedidos a domicilio 2020 - España

If there is one sector in Spain that is growing apace and that is constantly evolving and adapting to new demands of its target customers it’s food home delivery. So that you can get an overall idea of its current

¿Cúal es el mejor TPV para mi restaurante?

Usability, compatibility, price, technical support… There are many factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the best POS for your restaurant. And, of course, today there are also many options out there.  To make the decision easier

¿Por qué trabajar con varias plataformas de pedidos con mi restaurante?

Do you have a restaurant and are you considering or rethinking your presence on the various home delivery platforms? Here we tell you why it’s a good idea to be on more than one at a time, and how you

¿Cómo empezar a vender en plataformas de pedidos online con mi restaurante?

More and more restaurant businesses are realizing the great value it can contribute to start selling their food online. With the right strategy and good implementation, the online approach can become an ideal sales channel to increase sales, find new

Nueva funcionalidad – Push menu con deliveroo

If there is anything that characterizes our home order management system, it is its desire to simplify and optimise the online sales processes of your restaurant as much as possible. In line with our main reason for being, we always

¿Cómo darme de alta en las plataformas de pedidos a domicilio?

Adding a delivery service is a decision that many bars and restaurants have already made. And it is true that selling on the Internet is a good way to increase the sales of your restaurant business. Did you know that

¿Cuáles son las ayudas para hosteleros durante la COVID-19?

¿Cuáles son las ayudas para hosteleros durante la COVID-19? El inicio de la pandemia de la COVID-19 ha marcado un antes y un después en España y en el resto del mundo. Desde el punto de vista sanitario, sus consecuencias

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