Do you think that branding is just for the big brands? You couldn’t be more mistaken! Any company, any small restaurant, should be actively concerned about its brand image. That means what each and every action conveys to the public.

In fact, we are not just talking about the name, the logo or the advertising it does. Branding encompasses absolutely every visible area of your restaurant. From your staff and their attitude to the customers to the website design, from the user experience, dealing with queries and customer service. 

Even the tiniest detail will influence the image that others have of your business, which in turn will unavoidably impact on your sales turnover.

Why do you need to focus on branding now?

No doubt you know that competition today is fierce. This is the case in all sectors, but especially in the restaurant and catering trade. That’s why it is crucial to be seen to be different, to stand out from the rest, so that consumers can identify you and choose you.

Precisely in this context, with such an extensive and varied range to choose from, the customer has become very demanding. Customers are no longer looking just for food; they expect to discover experiences and values that will let them enjoy themselves and will be consistent with their lifestyle. 

How to work on your brand image to convey to your target audience everything it demands? Very easy! By building a strong and powerful brand image that can reach the very depths of their hearts and minds. And this can be achieved with branding, by following very clear basic principles. Make a note of them all!

Clear and coherent messages

Clarity and consistency are the basis of any marketing campaign or strategy. This is because they make it possible for your customer to trust your brand and recall it. So, whether it be summer or winter or in one-off campaigns, the messages must always be aligned with the same strategic umbrella.

Powerful visual elements

It isn’t always the case, but here the expression ‘a picture is worth more than a thousand words’ is absolutely true. The logo, the font you use in your signs, the colours of your décor and the materials of your menu…All these visual elements convey an image and tell what type of restaurant you are and what you are aiming to achieve. In fact, thanks to the good sensations they have conveyed to the customers, they can make them want to come back really soon.

A multi-channel strategy

Did you know that in the world of branding, every little detail counts? Don’t get fixated only on the physical experience; both the online and word-of-mouth are important. 

Even the shopping experience and payment methods can be regarded as part of your brand strategy! So – offer your customers facilities and adapt to the new times by offering a home delivery service and managing them efficiently with the help of an online order management platform like Bistrohub. 

Thanks to our system, you have everything under control and you will project a reliable, trustworthy and professional image, thus contributing to your building your brand personality and communicating it to the world in an effective way.

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