Manage your dark kitchen seamlessly

Bistrohub is the first delivery aggregator to develop a standalone solution for Dark Kitchens. Based on industry research, our features address dark kitchen specific issues, helping to streamline and optimise your kitchen operations.

Whether you manage dozens of brands or you are leasing commercial kitchen space, you will be able to manage your business from a single account. Save labour time and focus on growing your business.

  • Global ecosystem features: Ridder screen, runner and ops manager accounts
  • Order integration from all your sales funnels
  • Multi-brand Menu management across different locations
  • Powerful realtime analytics
  • Kitchen Display system and/or POS system integration.
  • Multi-tenant access and management
  • Order creation for takeaway customers, calls & whatsapp
  • Customisable printer tickets by brand
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Product features

1. Orders Management

Centralize all your orders in a single place (orders from all delivery platforms, your own website, takeaway clients, calls or Whatsapp). Gain focus, reduce operational costs (25% on average) and improve your service.

We provide a kitchen display system for optimised operations, or if you prefer we can integrate with your traditional POS system.

Optimize your kitchen and delivery operations with realtime data such as order preparation time, average ticket size and time to collect orders.

Internal KPIs

2. Menu management

Centralized menus
Sold Out
Opening Times

Manage your menus on all platforms from a single dashboard. Create a single menu for all your platforms, targeted menus for specific times or individual menus per brand / platform.

If you run out of a product or your restaurant is just too busy to take orders right now you can snooze a sold out product or pause your restaurants on all delivery platforms with one click.

Manage your opening and closing times from a single calendar. Add lunch, dinner, brunch, or any type of menu to specific times of the week.

3. Realtime analytics

Monitor aggregated sales and platform commission costs across all restaurants within any date range. Export all your data in a CSV file ready to share.

Monitor Internal Key Performance Indicators as well as best selling products, commission costs per platform and rejected order value.

Role Based Access Control will allow you to define permissions for company admins, area managers and restaurant operators.

Real Time Information

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