It’s not easy to decide in which technologies or improvements to invest when you’re managing a bar or restaurant. This is why at Bistrohub we would advise that above all, you should take a look at the following solutions, which will undoubtedly help to take your business to the next level, make the difference and make you stand out from the competition.

The solutions and applications that are achieving the most success

The ideas that we propose below have already been put into practice in many outlets. For others, on the other hand, they may be more complicated to implement, especially with the uncertain economic situation we are facing these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, in view of their potential and the boost they can give to any restaurant or catering business, possessing these functionalities will always be a profitable investment. They are more than just a trend, so you take note of them all!

Portable and touch-sensitive POS

A key fact: using portable POS systems with a touch screen reduces the time spent on serving each table by up to 10 minutes. This is useful not only to enhance your customers’ satisfaction, but also to increase the number of services that your restaurant will be able handle per day.

What’s more, with this innovative solution you will gain more flexibility and make fewer mistakes.

Payments with mobile devices

On account of the expansion of COVID-19-related illnesses, more and more people have decided to dispense with cash to reduce the likelihood of contagion. In this context, as well as allowing payment by card, it is also convenient for your restaurant to have a system of payment via mobile phone.

Wi-Fi for customers

Above all, this is a must-have for certain kinds of bars and cafés where many customers come to telework. Even so, the trend is that this will also become appropriate for restaurants.

To sum up, having Wi-Fi on your premises is practically mandatory these days.

Programs for booking tables online

Imagine not having to record bookings for your restaurant one by one nor having to assign one of your staff exclusively to this task. This waste of time and the possible errors that it entails are eliminated with software of this kind.

Specific software for managing menus and inventory

Taking strategic decisions in a chaotic and disorderly environment, like the one that is generated when everything is written down on paper, is utterly counter-productive.

From any place and at any time, see how your business runs and what your most pressing needs are with the help of software for managing your restaurant’s inventory and menu.

Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to go back to doing without it.

Placing orders online

We’ve left till last the solution we know best, because it’s the one that we have developed. With a home delivery management system like Bistrohub, you will be able to ensure that the increase in online orders from several different platforms, such as Glovo or Just Eat, doesn’t end up being a total disaster.

The benefits of home delivery management platform? All-in-one management, efficiency, timesaving and a reduction in errors and incidents in home delivery orders.

Choose to invest in one, several or all the solutions that we propose, adapt to new times and enjoy many advantages.

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