We are living in a time of constant changes. Companies in all sectors have to stay alert to adapt swiftly to new trends. This is undoubtedly a highly volatile context, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, the restaurant and catering sector has had to undertake a hasty and sudden process of transformation on a large scale. With the complete or partial closure of all businesses and the subsequent return to ‘normality’, with precautionary measures and a lot of fear of contagion, home delivery has become consumers’ favourite option. Will this trend persist in future?

The dizzying growth of online orders

During the pandemic, many bars and restaurants have survived thanks to home deliveries. Did you know that there was a 169% increase in online orders via platforms between February and April? Mandatory self-isolation is the main reason, but not the only one.

The ever-present concern about possible infection has meant that many customers are still opting for this type of consumption today. For this reason, in the post-Covid era, it is more necessary than ever to make a progressive transition to ordering online.

The ‘mandatory’ digital transformation

All the indications are that, to a greater or lesser extent, all restaurant and catering businesses have to strive to adapt by designing and implementing this online service.

The figures arising from the pandemic concerning the increase in demand of online orders are self-evident, but it is also clear that there is a trend that was apparent before the pandemic: the consumer increasingly looks for and expects to receive a home delivery service. And, if your restaurant doesn’t offer it, the consumer will go elsewhere.

Key decision-making

How to initiate this digital transformation and start carrying out home deliveries? This is the big challenge that most restaurants face Well, you need to know that there are numerous possibilities.

  • One option is to sell through the restaurant’s website alone and use your own drivers.
  • Another approach is to work with a single online ordering platform.
  • Or you can be on several platforms at the same time, to access a larger market share.

The latter option is the smartest one. But how to implement it without dying in the process?

Towards efficiency in-home distribution strategies

Choosing the most profitable options for your restaurant (Glovo, Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, etc.) is just the beginning. Next, you will have to make sure that the way of processing all the orders is really efficient so you don’t waste time managing what is happening on each platform individually through several tablets.

To avoid this, there are solutions for managing home deliveries that will let you dispense with the confusion that arises when you operate with several different devices simultaneously. With Bistrohub, our innovative online order management system, not only will you be able to manage all the delivery platforms rapidly and efficiently; you will also be able to integrate data directly from your restaurant and even keep your menu up to date in real-time.

All of this, so that you don’t waste a single minute on anything that doesn’t add value and boost your business in these uncertain times.

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