Tips for ghost kitchens: save time, money and stress. How to improve the management of your ghost kitchen to save money, time and reduce your stress. Make your customer service and your management more effective.

Ghost kitchens have been gaining in positioning thanks to the convenience of being able to order food online, coupled with the boom of mobile delivery apps. Covid-19 has only spurred this business model even more, as customers can enjoy dishes and menus without having to go to the restaurant or run the risk of getting infected.

In this way, many restaurant chains and supermarkets with home delivery food service have begun to exploit this trend, at the same time the new entrepreneurs are coming on the scene who are starting up restaurant businesses based on the virtual kitchens model.

Managing a ghost kitchen does not come without challenges, however. As they are 100% decentralised enterprises, that don’t depend on the size of the four walls of their restaurants, a very high degree of digitalisation is required to be able to save time, guarantee cost-efficiency and improve the employees’ operational effectiveness.

In this article, we will show you 4 professional tips to optimise the performance of your kitchen in the cloud and achieve the objectives you have set yourself.

The 4 key secrets to save time and cut costs in your ghost kitchen

The success of a kitchen or ghost kitchen network is not something one can take for granted beforehand. The competition is growing, and customers can be very demanding.

We will show you some of the key ways that you as a business owner must know to manage your dark kitchens.

1. Conduct a market study and choose the location wisely

The first point you have to remember is that your ghost kitchen will have no direct contact with the customer. Only with the delivery staff. The most important thing is to take great care of the delivery service. Therefore, you don’t need to invest amount to buy or rent large business premises.

All you need is a space that can offer a service to the geographical area you are operating in. Cut costs by focusing on the streets or neighbourhoods that your ghost kitchen can cater for, above all in the big cities, and try out multiple combinations.

2. Automate your processes with a point-of-sale system

In virtual kitchens, management is very important, and it’s just not possible to do manually. Orders are going to come in via multiple channels, from your own mobile app to delivery platforms, or from your website or by phone.

To be able to systematise the management of orders and the order of preference of requests, you need a Point of Sale System that enables you to facilitate and automate management. You won’t have to note down the orders manually. Simply, whenever an order is placed, it will join the queue for the nearest ghost kitchen that supplies that zone.

With Bistrohub you will be able to manage orders as they come in from the same device and thus simplify order handling. What’s more, you won’t have to depend 100% on a sole delivery platform, not have to view the various dispatch apps one by one plus your restaurant chain’s own app. Instead, you will be able to manage it all from the same hub.

3. Analyse your reports and improve what you have to offer

One of the mistakes many ghost kitchens and brand operators make is that they only focus on production and logistics. But it is very important to analyse the results to be able to improve the offering, since as we have said, the key to selling with a ghost kitchen is to provide a good service.

People won’t buy your menus for the comfort of your restaurant or its fancy décor. You depend solely on the quality of your dishes and the speed and good work of the delivery service. Therefore, experiment with the dishes you are offering, make small changes to the menu and check out the reactions of the clients from the ratings they give to the service.

4. Brand management is important

The customers of your virtual restaurant or food home delivery chain don’t just buy from you because your dishes are delicious.

They do so also for the overall customer experience when they receive their order in their home. Think about the great difference involved in bottling and packaging foods in a careful way and in accordance with your corporate values.

A good brand, conveyed through the packaging and presentation of the menus, can help to keep your customers coming back for more.

To build trust, you have to convey a professional image in all your orders. Just because you are offering a ghost restaurant service doesn’t mean that you can’t reflect the quality, elegance and know-how that the customers experience if they visit a conventional restaurant with these characteristics.

If you want to know more in greater detail and set up a demo of the software with which you will be able to manage your ghost kitchens, contact us now.

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