The first end-to-end retail delivery solution

Bistrohub is the first delivery aggregator to develop a stand-alone solution for the retail industry. Based on partners research, our features address delivery specific issues, helping to streamline and optimise your grocery and gastronomic brand operations.

  • Order integration from all of your sales funnels (groceries, e-commerce and food-to-go brands from aggregators)
  • ERP & POS system integration, with updated inventory and product reference ID
  • Order creation and edition, with product replacement
  • Menu management across different locations and brands

Product features

1. Orders Management

Order edition

2. Menu management

Centralized menus
Sold Out
Opening Times

Manage your menus on all platforms from a single dashboard. Create a single menu for all your platforms, targeted menus for specific times or individual menus per brand / platform.

If you run out of a product you can snooze a sold out product or pause your grocery shop and restaurants on all delivery platforms with one click.

Manage your opening and closing times from a single calendar. Add lunch, dinner, brunch, or any type of menu to specific times of the week.

3. Realtime analytics

Real Time Information

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