Usability, compatibility, price, technical support… There are many factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the best POS for your restaurant. And, of course, today there are also many options out there. 

To make the decision easier and help you choose the best POS for your business, here is a review of the most popular solutions. Heads up!

Keys to choosing the ideal POS

Just as having solutions for home order management is key to providing an effective online service, having an appropriate POS can also make a difference. Here are some of the most highly rated on the market:

  1. Loyverse

Its app is available for both iOS and Android, it offers 24/7 technical support and works even in offline mode. And, if you are wondering if you can integrate Loyverse with your online order platforms, yes, you can. As in all other cases, integration is assured, also if what you use is a home order management delivery program.

  1. Zash POS

This comes in two versions, the free one and the PRO version, which offers interesting services such as table management, integration with online orders and the kitchen screen system.

It is used by more than 30,000 businesses worldwide and one of its strengths is its technical support, available at any time of the day, any day of the year.

  1. RevoXef

If one thing makes this POS stand out from the rest it’s that it is specifically intended to be used by restaurants, so it is more than likely that its creators have perfectly understood what your most important requirements are.

RevoPos is fast, secure, reliable, efficient and offers an interface as simple as it is powerful.

  1. Tiller

This innovative POS stands out for its easy integration with the iPad, which will henceforth become a powerful touch box with which you can analyse and manage the status of your restaurant in real time.

  1. Storyous

The software of this POS will make your life much easier. It offers an intuitive and very complete system: you can record orders, keep the kitchen on top of orders, access statistics, control the store room, process invoices, and manage your employees. All in one!

  1. Agora POS

Again, we have a POS specially designed for hotels and caterers. It allows you to easily monitor everything that happens on your premises. It doesn’t matter if your business is a coffee shop, a burger joint or a restaurant. Everything will be under control.

Surround yourself with the best technology to boost your restaurant

Together with a quality POS that meets your particular needs, an online order management system like ours can become the perfect solution. Bistrohub connects directly to your POS, enabling improved communication, time savings and a totally error-free experience.

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