What is a Dark Kitchen?

The dark kitchen: the new era of restaurant virtualisation The dark kitchen is a recent development, emerging from the growth of home delivery service. The world has not come to a standstill, it keeps changing and evolving all the time.

How are restaurants opening in the rest of the world

The hospitality sector is the one hardest hit worldwide by the COVID-19 crisis. Firstly, because it was the one that took the longest in being able to reopen after the long months of the pandemic. And secondly, because these are

How to reduce costs in your reopening

Due to COVID-19, there are still many restaurants that are waiting to be able to open with assurances. And those have already done so have seen that demand has fallen drastically compared to the same period last year. Fear of

The importance of branding in your restaurant

Do you think that branding is just for the big brands? You couldn’t be more mistaken! Any company, any small restaurant, should be actively concerned about its brand image. That means what each and every action conveys to the public.

Sustainable practices for your restaurant

Crop rotation, disposal of chemicals, preserving the soil and managing pests in a sustainable manner are some of the principles of eco-friendly agriculture. It’s a sector on the rise in Spain, sustained mainly by a young segment of the population

The future of delivery

We are living in a time of constant changes. Companies in all sectors have to stay alert to adapt swiftly to new trends. This is undoubtedly a highly volatile context, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the restaurant and

Technological trends in the restaurant industry

It’s not easy to decide in which technologies or improvements to invest when you’re managing a bar or restaurant. This is why at Bistrohub we would advise that above all, you should take a look at the following solutions, which

2020 food delivery trends in Spain

If there is one sector in Spain that is growing apace and that is constantly evolving and adapting to new demands of its target customers it’s food home delivery. So that you can get an overall idea of its current

What POS system is the best for my restaurant?

Usability, compatibility, price, technical support… There are many factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the best POS for your restaurant. And, of course, today there are also many options out there.  To make the decision easier

What are the advantages in using several delivery platforms?

Do you have a restaurant and are you considering or rethinking your presence on the various home delivery platforms? Here we tell you why it’s a good idea to be on more than one at a time, and how you

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