Do you have a restaurant and are you considering or rethinking your presence on the various home delivery platforms? Here we tell you why it’s a good idea to be on more than one at a time, and how you can do it much more effectively with the help of an online order management delivery program.

Advantages of choosing multiple home delivery platforms

You need to know that choosing only one delivery platform for your restaurant can mean you will miss out on many opportunities, especially at the beginning of your activity in the online channel. Pay attention to all the benefits of working with multiple delivery platforms at once:

Get more reach

There is no one platform that brings together 100% of the market. To give you an idea, the one that comes closest is Just Eat, with 34%. If you want to increase that share, you had better use several home ordering apps.

In this way, you can also define your ideal channel much more since each platform has a different demographic profile. Try them all and find out which ones are best suited to your restaurant.

Boost your brand

Being present on all platforms will make raise awareness of your brand in the minds of consumers. And with this, you will not only get more online orders, but also more web traffic and more bookings.

Opt for a growing channel

During the covid-19 lockdown, the online channel experienced massive growth. According to the consultants Kantar, home delivery has attracted 2.2 million new buyers in this period and increased purchase opportunities by up to 30%.

Also access foreign audiences

Delivery platforms do not have the same success in all countries. Being on all the platforms will give you the opportunity to reach the tourists who visit us as well. And this is crucial, because most have a clear affinity for the online channel and great purchasing power.

Increase your sales

Did you know that, on average, the revenue from restaurants using 3 delivery platforms increases by 70% compared to using only one? At Bistrohub we know it well; that is why we encourage you to work with various ordering applications, analyse which one is the best suited to your business and find your ideal market fit!

How to work with multiple platforms at once effectively?

Being on all delivery platforms brings many advantages to your restaurant, but at the same time it poses a real operational challenge. Remember that each one works independently and requires the use of its own tablet for order management. To get around this problem, there are solutions for managing home orders, such as Bistrohub.

How can our online order management delivery platform help you? Consolidate all orders into a single dashboard, which integrates with your POS. This reduces delivery-related in-store operating costs per delivery by up to 25% and eliminates order errors. So that you can forget about complications and focus on growing your business.

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