The biggest ghost kitchens in the United States

Leading ghost kitchens in the United States. The best multi-brand firms that operate with different dark kitchens to offer a unique and effective service.

Ghost Kitchens in the United States have been gaining more and more prominence in recent years. There are, in fact, restaurant chains that operate under different brands and have become big businesses thanks to the rise of virtual kitchens.

The ghost kitchen concept is very simple. Customers can buy their favourite dishes and menus via mobile applications and receive them in their home without the need to travel or spend much time outside their home. For their part, the restaurants and operators save on costs and optimise their resources to supply different geographical areas with different gastronomic offerings.

What are the biggest ghost kitchens in the US?

Undoubtedly, the United States is often a mirror that reflects what will later become popular in many other countries. Although not all markets have yet to achieve a high growth in ghost kitchens, it is a phenomenon that is increasingly reaching maturity.

In this article we will show you some of the biggest dark kitchens in the United States.


A virtual food platform that allows customers to choose between products from different brands. This is very convenient, because in this way the customer can buy menus from different restaurants without having to place the order one by one in their respective applications.

Unfurl is an American company, located in San Francisco and San Mateo. The brands that Unfurl includes are mainly Bay Bistro, Burritos Sin Fronteras and The Melt.

In this way, a customer can buy Mexican burritos at an affordable price, at the same time as The Melt’s grilled cheeses and sandwiches, or classic San Franciscan food without having to use different applications. Customers also receive a single ticket and a single invoice for the entire order, which saves time and is perfect for people with different preferences who want to buy food at home in one go.

Moreover, this company is not limited to acting as a mere intermediary, but rather helps the virtual brands it works with to have the necessary equipment, kitchens and facilities to be able to provide the best service. It also invests in marketing to enhance customer service and adapt supply to demand.

Virt Brands

The US Dark Kitchen firm Virt Bands creates menus tailored to customer tastes. It also incorporates a series of different brands, providing advanced services to all its kitchens, such as professional product photography or the purchase of ingredients for the kitchens.

Among the brands that Virt Brands, AKA Accelerate, includes are Unreal Deli, Salad Box, Super Smash Burgers, Nash’s Hot Chicken and Egghead Breakfast Burritos.

The owners of the American Ghost Kitchens that form part of Accelerate can thus benefit from the investment that this company makes in infrastructure, marketing and labour, without having to invest extensive resources. Unity is strength and the customer benefits more, so that each restaurant can focus on offering the best service.

Maya Eats

One of the main characteristics of Maya Eats is that it acts as an intermediary between the restaurants and the virtual home sales service. Maya Eats creates a virtual brand tailored to the restaurant, so that it can obtain maximum performance and achieve more profitability.

Among other aspects, Maya Eats takes into account the specialty of the ghost restaurant, its location and its strengths, in order to formulate its offering. Maya Eats also works on digital marketing, which helps to garner more sales, and acts as an intermediary between the brand and the various delivery applications.

The company Maya Eats includes several very varied brands, among which are Fire Biryani, El Toro Burritos, The Burning Bun, Sizzling Pad Thai and Tikka Cravings.


Finally, we want to tell you about another of the largest ghost kitchens in the United States. This is Virturant, a company that allows any restaurant to have its own virtual brand, with menus created by the brand’s own chefs.

This makes the process a lot easier, because costs are reduced for the dark kitchen, and different combinations can be tried out until the most suitable one is found. This company also offers smart kitchen operators so that brands can increase their income.

Among Virturant’s brands are Uhmazing BLTs, Wild Skillets, Grilled Cheesin, The Royal Breakfast and Pancake Heaven.

The data provided by the sales reports allows Virtuant to optimise menus. The service focuses on the sale of the most popular foods. Brands can also sell to customers who are closer to their kitchens in order to offer them the best service.

Create your very own dark kitchen

Ghost kitchens in the United States have based their success on their customer satisfaction. This is a market segment that is very used to buying food at home, but this is a trend that has been growing as a result of the rise of delivery applications.

As we can see, today it is more attractive than ever to create a network of ghost kitchens to supply this incipient demand, also in Spain and Latin America. Accordingly, if you are going to create a dark kitchen or a network of ghost kitchens, it is essential that you have a device that allows you to centralise orders and operate with different brands.

At Bistrohub, we have created the definitive solution to save you work in the administration and management of your ghost kitchens, helping you to boost productivity and ultimately manage orders efficiently, collect payments quickly and in a standardised way, as well as keeping track of supplies for your kitchens. Discover more in our demo

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