Although the European market is not yet as mature as the American market when it comes to the rise of dark kitchens, there are companies that are setting the pace and consolidating in the market.

The potential of dark kitchens in Europe

The growth of ghost kitchens in Europe will undoubtedly mark the next few years, as this trend goes way beyond Covid-19.

Delivery platforms and the purchase of food at home is already a reality that European customers are used to, and the growth patterns are set to be exponential for the next few years.

This is where a great opportunity opens up for operators and restaurants, who can use dark kitchen solutions such as Bistrohub, centralising all their order management.

In this article we will show you the biggest ghost kitchens in Europe, their geographical locations and some of the gastronomic brands that they offer through the delivery platforms.


This is a community of virtual kitchens with a high differential value. This network of Valencian kitchens, with facilities in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, ​​has received the support of Juan Roig, founder of the Mercadona supermarket chain. It offers both brand licences and kitchen rentals for professionals who want to expand their business through ghost kitchens.

The goal of this network is to minimise the costs of restaurant expansion. They have kitchens for rent of different sizes, fully equipped, and they give their clients the option of working with them on a “digital franchise” basis, where Cuyna provides both the kitchen and the workforce. Among other brands, they have The Circle Good, Wingz Chicken Factory, City Poké, Pizzería del Poble, Lamburguesa and New York Burger.

Not so dark

A recently created French startup, conceived by Alexandre Haggai and Clément Benoit, who was the founder of the urban logistics company Stuart. In addition, it has the support of Óscar Salazar, one of the founders of Über.

This virtual kitchen company specialises in home food delivery. It has a staff of 150 and works with different brands, including Gaïa, Recoleta, Torpedo, 6AM, Maison Dumplings, JFK and Kitchen. Currently, their main focus is on Paris, Nice and Bordeaux, but they have also expanded to Barcelona, ​​where they have a series of kitchens with advanced technology.

Cooklane & Foodstars

A network of home delivery kitchens that has had a great penetration in the Spanish market. It is a subsidiary of CloudKitchens, created by another of the founders of Über, Travis Kalanick, whose parent company, City Storage Systems, entered the European dark kitchen market by acquiring the British firm Foodstars.

It offers restaurateurs the opportunity to reduce costs in opening ghost kitchens for delivery applications, reducing delivery times and increasing profitability for the launch of new concepts.

Karma Kitchen

Located in London and founded in 2018, this British startup offers its clients co-working spaces, private kitchens and multi-shift production units. It was founded by Eccie and Gini Newton, young entrepreneurs who also created Karma Cans, a sustainable catering company in London, in 2014.

They include high-end kitchen equipment, which allows them to offer restaurants quality workspaces at a low cost. Their high health and safety standards make them ideal spaces for the implementation of ghost kitchens.

Jacuna Kitchens

Jacuna Kitchens is a British company that offers fully equipped kitchens for operators and restaurants. They are active in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Owned by Panagiotis & Romanin, this company offers service to a wide variety of brands: Veggie Hut, Pasta Evangelists, The Athenian, Kumo Sushi, Burgerism, Burgers on Tour, Kitchen Ventures, Super Rico and The Acaí Girls.


A company from Malaga that has achieved remarkable success. Founded in 2018, it has expanded to San Diego (United States) and Tijuana (Mexico).  Booh’s founders are Daniel Bueno, Tomás Alegre and Angelo Di Plácido. One of their hallmarks is that they are committed to medium-sized cities, as opposed to the usual trend of locating dark kitchen centres in big  capitals such as Madrid or Barcelona.

The company offers kitchen rental and full management of the reception, production and delivery of home deliveries. Among other advantages, it also offers restaurants the opportunity to do co-branding, providing their brand on bags and packaging.

We invite you to view a demo of Bistrohub and start to manage your dark kitchen’s orders effectively.

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