If there is anything that characterizes our home order management system, it is its desire to simplify and optimise the online sales processes of your restaurant as much as possible. In line with our main reason for being, we always look for opportunities for improvement that make your job easier and save you time and money. And the last of these innovations has to do with our menu creator and its integration with Rappi!

A before and after in menu management in Rappi

The Bistrohub home deliveries management platform offers restaurants the possibility to update, from their own interface, their menus on the website or app of each of the home delivery operators, without having to access them one by one and make the changes manually.

However, until now the Rappi platform did not support this useful feature. A functionality that today, finally, we can say is available in this sales channel.

The advantages of using our menu manager in Rappi

As in the rest of the platforms, the fact of having our home order management program to, among other things, automatically manage the menus of your restaurant has many advantages:

  • You will save time, as you don’t need to access Rappi to manually update your menu.
  • Now, our customers will be able to add or remove all the products they want from their Rappi menu from Bistrohub, in a simple, intuitive, agile and fast way. As well as pausing and snoozing a sold out product.
  • All changes will be displayed instantly.

Automatic menu synchronisation therefore becomes a reality for restaurants using Rappi as a home-delivery platform.

How does Bistrohub menu creator work?

Do you need to change the name of any of your dishes, update its price, improve its description or add new images to the menu? You can do all this in a few clicks with our menu generator. The changes are then immediately sent to all the home delivery platforms you work with (Glovo, Rappi, ifood, UberEats, JustEat and Deliveroo).

In this way, it will be much easier to test and activate products temporarily to see which ones work best, and if they do not work as expected, you can modify or delete them on all platforms, or on those you decide, from Bistrohub.

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