Due to COVID-19, there are still many restaurants that are waiting to be able to open with assurances. And those have already done so have seen that demand has fallen drastically compared to the same period last year. Fear of contagion, the few tourists that have visited Spain this year and the difficult economic situation are the causes.

Faced with this situation, restaurants have to rethink their strategy. Both to attract as many customers as possible and to cut costs to the bone. How? By following some simple guidelines that will help you to cope with the coming months more safely.

Cutting costs: 5 strategies for restaurants

Opening is necessary, but not at any price. It is not impossible that the closure of restaurant businesses will be imposed again in the whole of Spain or in certain areas. So we want to make certain points very clear when it comes to reopening your restaurant with a lower financial risk. To a large extent, the success of your reopening depends on this.

1. Looking closely at the increase in exceptional expenses.

It’s not secret that bars and restaurants have had to spend a lot of money on adapting their facilities to the new reality we are experiencing:

  • Face masks for staff.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel at the disposal of workers and customers.
  • Enhanced cleaning services.

To all of the above we have to add the reductions in venue capacity and the more than likely price increases of key products. It’s crucial to examine these details very closely to draw up a map or chart to help you as a starting point.

2. Get financial advice

You may be thinking of applying for a loan or credit facility to go ahead with reopening your restaurant. Well, before you do that, consult your accountant or a financial adviser, who will tell you about the viability of doing so and recommend the amount you should request. Getting yourself too deeply in debt or without sufficient planning could prove counter-productive.

3. Rethink your menu

We’re sure that the last thing you want is that this situation will end up impacting the quality of your dishes, isn’t it? A smart way to avoid this, and to reduce your costs at the same time, is to cut back on your restaurant’s menu. Retain only those dishes that you know your customers like, the most popular ones. Later, you can reinstate the rest.

4. Reduce opening hours

Opening on a part-time basis, depending on your restaurant’s speciality, can be a good idea for cutting costs. At least until you find that demand recovers to the same level as before COVID-19. 

This will of course mean employing fewer staff. In return, involving your staff in your reopening strategies will be vital for them to be effective.

5. Boost online orders

There has been an incredible growth in online orders during the state of alarm. And, without a doubt, we are talking about a rising trend, one which has come to stay. 

Home deliveries are the future and it is possible that they will become the most profitable solution for many businesses. Above all, if one has an online order management program restaurants that simplifies and expedites the response to the demand in this channel.. 

Contact us, and we will tell you how Bistrohub can help you to reopen your restaurant much more efficiently.

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