Woocommerce & Bistrohub integration

25% of the e-commerce shops worldwide are run with Woocommerce, the online shop plug in for the popular blog and website creation platform WordPress. Not surprisingly, many restaurants choose Woocommerce as their preferred solution when building their menu online to receive direct orders.

Bistrohub offers a smooth integration with Woocommerce and your Point of Sale System making it easier than ever to manage your food delivery operations. Additionally you will be able to get on-demand riders from platforms like Orkestro, Stuart, Mox or Loggi to deliver your orders to your customers (in case you don’t have your own fleet).

With the Bistrohub software, all orders from the Woocommerce online ordering platform are sent straight to your ePOS system and kitchen, reducing errors and saving you and your team plenty of time. 

Add and manage as many delivery platforms as you want, our clients experience a 38% increase in revenues by using as many delivery platforms as they want, while reducing their delivery operating costs 25%. 

This integration requires an active subscription to Bistrohub’s delivery management solution and an active account on Woocommerce.

What are the main advantages for your restaurant?

  • Centralised order management dashboard, manage orders across all delivery platforms from one single dashboard .
  • Custom POS and printer integration. Forget about manually rekeying orders and take away the risk of manual errors through our fully automated printing system.
  • Your employees no longer have to handle incoming orders from multiple tablets, so they can shift their focus back to serving customers.
  • Centralised menu management, update menus and operational hours across all delivery platforms from one single dashboard.
  • Real-time analytics, measure sales and performance across multiple platforms, brands and locations in real-time.

Our operational chaos was impacting our service and Bistrohub has made all the difference streamlining our delivery operations.”

Patricia from Shanghai mama

Listen to our customers:

“Let’s imagine a typical day for one of our restaurants. A shift with the team busy taking orders from eight or nine tables while the tablets are buzzing incessantly with incoming orders from the various delivery platforms. Between service and service, the restaurant’s staff have to quickly check all of the orders and rewrite them by hand in the POS terminal to send them to the kitchen, with all that entails.

It was an operational mess with errors happening on the orders being retyped and a decrease in focus from our staff, it was impacting our service and Bistrohub has made all the difference streamlining our delivery operations.”

Patricia from Shanghai Mama, Madrid, Spain.

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