At Bistrohub, we provide the first integration solution for restaurants to manage all their online orders from a single interface, integrate with their POS, avoid mistakes and focus on their growth. But this is only the beginning: we aim to become the center of all delivery operations for restaurants and ghost kitchens.

What we expect from you…

As CTO and product engineer at Bistrohub, we expect you to sit at the intersection of technology, design and business, with a stronger stance on the tech side.

We expect you to leverage existing tools in the best possible way, that is, to code less, engineer more, and always with the end users in mind. Nevertheless, we do expect you to code, even on the critical paths, leading your team (of 4) by example.

We also need you to have attention to detail, to achieve and promote thoroughness when accomplishing a task, for two main reasons: because we are not building a throwaway MVP but a lasting product, and because we need Bistrohub to be robust. We cannot afford to make mistakes when dealing with restaurant orders: we all know as users how annoying that can be, and how harmful to a restaurant’s reputation.

Now, specifically, what we expect from you…

… during your first months here

  • We are polishing the first iteration of our product and experiencing a lot of interest. We are very excited about this but any workload you can start taking off from our hands would be great ?. It is a perfect way to get acquainted with the code base and observe how we work.
  • Understand our users pains.
  • Understand your fellow developers’ pains.
  • Develop a feeling of ownership over your work and the product.

… once you are settled

  • Help us define, refine, and ruthlessly prioritize the set of features of our core platform that will make the strongest positive impact on our users.
  • Kick-start two new exciting projects around our core platform, enabling our users to bring their delivery service to the next level.
  • Grow an engineering culture suited to our problem domain that will allow us to continuously bring value to our users.
  • Develop a long term vision of Bistrohub and co-drive the platform roadmap with us.

Our (current) tech stack

We are almost a full monolith now: it suits our needs best at this stage. However, all our (not micro) services are dockerized. Our backend is made with Django, making a heavy use of DRF serializers. We use self-hosted PostgreSQL as the DB and dramatiq for async task processing: not huge fans of Celery. On the frontend, we use React, relying as much as we can on react-admin (pragmatism above all). Typescript team here. We use Bitbucket Pipelines to deploy to Google Cloud Platform (although we are not using any specific service from there).

Specific experience with our tech stack is a nice-to-have, but we will give more value to having experience with the underlying concepts (relational databases, working with ORMs, successful use of any design system…), and the willingness and ability to identify and use the best practices of each tool.

UI/UX experience will be very appreciated.


  • Salary range: 50k to 60k.
  • Sizeable company ownership
  • Fully remote position.
  • Fully flexible schedule, we just aim to overlap 4 hours.
  • Results-oriented performance evaluation.
  • You choose your laptop ;).

Who we are

We are a small team, with an aim for large impact, we move fast, we’re always looking for new ideas and we’re very transparent about the decisions we make and why we make them.

We believe a great workplace is one that represents the world we live in and how beautifully diverse it can be. That means we have no judgement when it comes to any one of the things that make you who you are – your gender, race, sexuality, religion or a secret aversion to coriander. All you need is a passion for (most) food and a desire to be part of one of the fastest growing start-up’s around.